Private Rented Sector

Our comprehensive course has all you need to know about this tenancy. It provides details about the new tenancy including the rights and responsibilities for all parties. It also includes all legal paperwork and repossession procedures.
Shelter Scotland have designed the course Tenancy Sustainment in the Private Rented Sector with letting agents for letting agents operating in Scotland.
This course will inform you about the Private Rented Sector for advice work so you are aware of the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant and the correct procedures to follow in respect of disrepair and repossession.
This comprehensive course has all you need to know about this new tenancy and will enable you when working with people in private tenancies to understand their client’s rights in more detail and responsibilities of landlords. It includes all the associated legal paperwork, repossession procedures and other helpful resources.
This course will help landlords understand their responsibilities as well as those of their tenants through the different stages of the different private rented sector tenancies.