Welfare Reform

Our welfare reform course is currently being reviewed.  We aim to have this course completed in the New Year.

Please add yourself to our waiting list and we will let you know as soon as this becomes available.

From 2013, universal credit has been rolled out gradually across Scotland, this roll out is now picking up speed and more people are moving onto Universal Credit. Universal credit will replace six means-tested benefits for working age people with a single monthly payment. It is intended to simplify the social security system, by removing the need to make new benefit claims when moving into or out of work. This course will help you learn more about universal credit and understand how universal credit could affect your clients.
This course will help you understand welfare reform as well as the impact these changes have on people you assist. You can support your clients in different ways to help mitigate he impact of welfare reform. Having more knowledge on the subject and knowing who can provide assistance and support is key.