Equality and Human Rights in Housing and Homelessness

About this course


Equality and Human Rights is a free training course funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Shelter Scotland recommend this course to Housing officers, Support practitioners, Advice workers, Health professionals and those who work in public sector policy.

The course has been developed as part of a wider project which has seen Shelter Scotland publish a book by Adrian Stalker titled ‘Housing and Equality Law in Scotland’. Students can view keynote speeches from our very own Shelter Legal conference in 2018 where the book was launched.

This training course also supports our housing is a human right campaign and policy work at Shelter Scotland.

Students who enrol in this course can opt-in to receive updates on this area of our strategic campaigns and policy work. Details will emerge into 2019 of new policy reports, events and seminars that professionals can attend.

What you will learn

  • Students will get a comprehensive take on the equality and human rights legislation which protects people's rights and equally details people’s responsibilities in housing as well as public service provision in Scotland
  • Detailed explanations of the Equality Act 2010, Public Sector Equality Duty, Protected Characteristics and Human Rights are provided
  • Practical descriptions of Homelessness, Housing allocations, Reasonable adjustments to property and Evictions are provided with accompanying downloads.


Practical information

This course is free of charge

So long as this course is live on our site and remains a strategic focus of Shelter Scotland students will be able to access the course materials as many times as they like

Self-serve. Students can complete this course and access a certificate of completion without having to submit work to an assessor.

Estimated time required of students: 1-2hrs

 Price (ex VAT): £0.00