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Now more than ever, it's vital that housing professionals can quickly respond to clients whose housing rights are denied or at risk.

Our practice advice services, online learning and development products are designed to help give you and your organisation the ability to meet the country's housing and homelessness challenges.

We believe that home is everything. You help us to defend the right to a safe home and fight the devastating impact the housing emergency has on people and society.


Convenient online courses

Shelter Scotland's training courses and resources are accessible online at any time, from anywhere. So if your organisation has people working from home or in settings where social distancing is necessary, this could be an opportunity to invest in their skills and knowledge.


Housing Law Advice Oct21 Intake – Our training delivers the most up-to-date knowledge of key housing law. Through our accredited programme, we empower your people to make faster decisions, give clearer advice, and resolve more cases for people and families in need. Add yourself to our waiting list today.


Why learn with Shelter Scotland?

Shelter Scotland is the country's leading training provider for agencies and people working in the housing and homelessness sector. We're here to improve knowledge and drive positive behaviour change as we fight to end bad housing and homelessness.

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