IT Support

The following browser, device and online learning recommendations, as well as settings, will improve your experience using this site. To ensure access to any activities and materials that come with your course(s) familiarise yourself with the guidance below.

Note: we have used Moodle to create our site.

Browser Versions (for example Internet Explorer)

It is recommended that you or your organisation use the latest version of:



Internet Explorer

The minimum version requirement for Internet Explorer is 10.

Browser Settings (and steps before you begin)

The following browser settings should be selected:

Enable pop-ups

Pop-ups are used within our online training modules, to provide you with materials that can be opened and downloaded as part of a holistic learning process. Many browsers, devices and some organisations have pop-ups blocked by default.

To enable pop-ups to create the best learning experience for you, the steps are as follows:


1. Select menu in the top right

2. Select settings

3. Select advanced

4. Select content settings

5. Select pop-ups and redirects

6. Select allowed

7. Top-tip you can add as a site that is permitted to use pop-ups, without enabling for all websites.


1. Select the Firefox menu button

2. Select options

3. Select content

4. Select allow pop-up windows or select Exceptions

5. Add to the exceptions list

6. Select close

Internet Explorer (IE)

1. Select the tools button

2. Select internet options

3. Select privacy

4. Select settings within the pop-up blocker area

5. Add to the exceptions list

6. Select close

Opening up your training

You may find the following settings will already be set to enabled by default, but double checking that they are can be a worthwhile exercise.

1. Enable Cookies

2. Enable JavaScript

Top-tip if something is not displaying correctly, a screen is blank or frozen, take the following steps.

1. Clear browser history and cache.

Essential tools

1. In order to view some of our training materials, online and offline - it is essential that you have a PDF Reader, especially for further resources, activity downloads and blended learning materials.

You can download one for free to your device (i.e computer, laptop, tablet and mobile) by following this link:

2. Adobe Flash Player - is no longer an essential tool for our latest training courses, however, some of our legacy training courses within our catalogue may still be in use by our customers. It can be downloaded for free from the following link:

Troubleshooting 101

1. Check that your Internet Explorer is version 10 or above, or use an alternative browser (we often recommend Chrome:

2. Clear your browsing history and cache. Doing so starts you off with a stable learning environment.

3. Still having problems? Contact us at the following:

0344 515 2477